Ant the Analyst’s Always Awesome Rankings

Ant the Analyst, I don’t know if he likes this name but it’s catchy so I gave it to him. Always awesome in attending the fantasy playoffs. Alliterations aside, Ant is always a top performer in our Fantasy Philosophy + friends league. Since we began in 2007, Ant has won the big game twice while making the playoffs 60% of the time (He is also league scribe so you can thank him for these stats). He has insight the bests even the “smartest” of fantasy football analysts. Year in and year out, Ant is on top of players, and is a big fan of drafting rookies. This season, Ant the Analyst has lost Allen Robinson, Carson Palmer, Dalvin Cook and eventually Ty Montgomery. He is 11-2 and in first place in our FP + friends league. A remarkable comeback and great General Manager skills to keep him relevant. Overall, he has that 6th sense for fantasy football and is bound to always be towards the top of any fantasy league.

Lets dive in to some of Ant the Analyst’s top picks this week:

Ant’s Week 14 Loves:


Philip Rivers (Home against Washington) : River putting up huge numbers as of late, (over 15 fantasy points in his last 4 games and 29 points in that huge thanksgiving game) and will look to continue this trend going into week 14. Taking on a Washington secondary who has been sub par against the pass this year, although having top corner Josh Norman who will be most likely seeing Keenan Allen for a majority of the game. But this doesn’t seem to deter Ant from loving Rivers this week: “Rivers is hot right now. The connection he and Keenan Allen have is one of the best in the NFL this passed month.” Look for Rivers and the chargers to continue their hot steak against Washington.


Kareem Hunt. Okay, when he told me he loves Hunt this week I made him think about it more than once. But Ant INSISTED, this would be the week. It feels like its been the week for the last few weeks. Since week 7, Hunt has not had double digit points in standard and STILL has not been in the end zone since week 4. Its been tough, but now the Chiefs shifted their play calling to Offensive Coordinator Matt Nagy. Ant believes this divisional matchup against Oakland will bring out the best in Hunt: ” I believe KC is going to feature Hunt in a close divisional game. Hunt will get in the endzone in a must-win game for the Chiefs.” Good Luck Hunt owners.


This guy has been on and off this year, but always seems to have a consistent stat line week in and week out, putting up 5 or more receptions in 8 games this year. This week he gets an awful TB defense who is LAST against WRs this season. The Lion Ant is rolling with is Golden Tate. “Tate is due for a great game against a weak TB secondary.” Short and sweet on that one Ant. My only note of caution is to keep a lookout on is Matt Stafford plays or not. Now, this could go either way for Golden Tate, if Matt plays, all is business as usual, if not, Jake Rudock could either blow it completely or use Tate as his safety blanket. Either way, keep an eye out for updates through our twitter account @FNTSYPhilosophy!

Thanks for the hard work Ant. Good luck to everyone this week, if Ant screws you this week send us an email and we’ll give you his phone number for a direct line of complaints!

Week 14 Rankings.

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